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Just listen to Jim Shupe of Temple Inland:

Temple Inland Container Corporation“They’re the best carrier we have. They come through when we really need it.”
     Temple Inland has been using Ozark Motor Lines since the mid 1980’s. As a manufacturer of paper container products,Temple Inland’s New Johnsonville, Tennessee location needs constant deliveries of raw material, and a carrier with plenty of equipment availability to ship their finished paper stock to other plants.
     “We do about 300 outbound deliveries a month with Ozark, sending corrugated medium to plants all over the country. And we also have about 25 inbound deliveries per week, mostly of scrap paper which we recycle into cardboard,” continues Mr. Shupe. “They are our main carrier because they are dependable and customer focused. If they say they’ll do it, they’ll do it.”
     Temple Inland has often given Ozark it’s award for Carrier Of The Year. They appreciate what Ozark does because their business depends on it. “If our box plants can’t get our supplies, they have to shut down. That means we sometimes have hot loads, loads that have to get there. Even when they are not sure how they can do it, somehow they come through for us. It’s not just typical service – it’s more like a partnership.”
     “It’s great to work with a company of this integrity,” concludes Mr. Shupe. “They have incredibly professional sales people, great customer service, and an outstanding attitude.”

You can have that kind of service, too.

     Call or email us at Ozark, and let us establish the same kind of relationship with you. We’ll use the Ozark Edge to let you get back to your business and stop worrying about your transportation needs.
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