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Pay Package

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Up to $ .52 per mile!

(starting 01/01/2019)

Ozark offers very competitive rates and encourages you to check this out, by contacting our recruiters.  Our compensation plan includes a per-mile pay scale, as well as additional compensation for layover, stop offs, short hauls and all authorized loading and unloading.  As with any company, the rate per mile is certainly not the only factor you must become familiar with and we ask that you give that first phone call to see how our pay matrix compares to our competition.  Phone: 800-264-4206.

Your payroll at Ozark can be delivered by – direct deposit, check or having your payroll loaded to your COMDATA card.  Pay statements are emailed to you, prior to your actual payday, to make it simple to review your next paycheck.

Upon hiring on, you are offered a cafeteria plan of benefits and these are deducted from your settlement.  Please think about giving Ozark a consideration, as we have had many years of success with our payroll methods, and will have that when you arrive as well.

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