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GREAT NEWS PrePass Plus is Here
7/10/2015 jhenson

As of July 2,2015 Ozark Motor Lines has started installation of the PrePass Plus Transponder in all of its equipment. The process will take up to four months to complete. The PrePass Plus will replace the EZ Pass Transponders we now have. The PrePass Plus will allow our drivers to continue to pay their tolls just as the EZ Pass did but now we have upgraded our system to use the PrePass option to bypass the state scales that we currently have to stop at everytime. This does not mean you as a driver will not have to stop. A small percentage of our fleets trucks will still have to cross the scales. All you have to do is watch for the green light on your PrePass Plus and keep on rolling, saving time and making money. We have installed the Horizon Transponder also. This transponder will be used to pay tolls in states that are not currently part of the EZ Pass System. Right now there are only a couple of states that this applies to , but by the end of 2015 most of the states we travel in will be part of one of these systems.    

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GREAT NEWS PrePass Plus is Here
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